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Denver, Colorado

Eric Gorski

Chalkbeat Colorado bureau chief. Former Denver Post reporter and national writer for The Associated Press. Two-time Religion Newswriters Association Writer of the Year.



In Denver, a divide over “neighborhood schools”

Rhetoric in a school board race cuts to the heart of a debate over public schools should be.
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Destination Blue

A Denver elementary school changes its look and feel as part of an ambitious turnaround effort.
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Conservative education reformers' no-good, very-bad day

Key school board elections were swung by issues t intensely local and part of broader battles over American education.
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Put to the test

Next-generation online student assessments arrive in Colorado. Will they deliver on their promises?
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GOP backtracks on education reform

Republicans change course on standards, testing, accountability, aligning with teacher unions.
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Just say no to testing

The growing opt-out movement encourages parents to refuse state mandated tests.
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Vaccination records on students cloudy

A new law gives parents school-level breakdowns on immunizations, but the picture is incomplete.
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The war over Jefferson County schools

Key pieces of the national education debate are coming together in bellwether Colorado district.
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Stern test for high-performing schools

A data-driven charter school network is forced to adjust when its test scores plummet.
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Online threats and consequences

At a wealthy suburban high school, threats on a mobile app inspire an anti-bullying campaign.
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The invisible achievement gap

Children in Colorado's foster care system are less likely to graduate high school than homeless kids.
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Failed promises of marijuana regulations

Colorado's vaunted system of tracking pot from seed to sale is in fact an honor system.
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